Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pandan in Sydney - Where to buy Pandan?

Where to buy Pandan?

So I was walking around Cabramatta, Sydney on the weekend and I saw a shop that had the pandan plant for sale (also called daun pandan, pandanus amaryllifolius, screwpine).  The shop is located near the multi storey car park in Cabramatta.  He’s selling it for $35.  It's very difficult to find the pandan plant in Sydney and he had two pandans for sale, I purchased one and he said that he would have more in a couple of weeks.
If I successfully propagate mine, I’ll try to make some available. For those interested, please leave a comment.
If you know of any other places where you can buy Pandan in Sydney please share and leave comment.

Here is the picture of the Pandan Plant I bought.

Check out for info about how to care for your pandan plant.


  1. Buy direct from the supplier for half the price.

  2. Hi!

    How did your pandan plant go, especially now that it's getting cold here in Sydney?

    I would definitely like to try planting them because I use a lot of pandan in my cooking/baking and sometimes they are impossible to find. Was wondering if you managed to propagate them? Or if you've seen them around lately?



  3. Does anyone know where to buy the pandanus screw pine fruit here in sydney?