Saturday, March 3, 2012

MOST Rider's Practice Range in Homebush

Just wanted to share with the Learner Riders out there in NSW that there is a Rider's practice range for those that are going for the Provisional Riders Licences (P's test) in NSW.

Its around the Homebush Olympic park and its along Bennelong Parkway, near Marjorie Jackson Parkway.

It has the MOST (P's) course all marked out, the left turn, cone weave, U-turn, emergency braking and obstacle turn.

I was there on a Sunday morning about 9am and I was by myself for about an hour until another guy came along.  I had a chat with him and he said that it was always this quiet around there.

Cars are blocked off from the area, so you won't be bothered by them.

Just remember what you were taught in the Stay Upright course (eg. head checks and fast idle, friction point & rear brake) and you should be okay.

If you have troubles finding the MOST P's test in Homebush, just let me know.

A description of the MOST (P's test) is here

A video demonstrating the MOST (P's test) can be viewed at

View MOST Riders Practice Range in a larger map


  1. Hi, I was just wondering if its only on Sunday's and if it is do they run it every Sunday? How much does it cost? And also I'm not familiar with the area is it easy to find?
    Thank you.

  2. It's open 24/7, just rock up and practice.

  3. Can anyone tell me if the course is still there?

    1. Absolutely, it's purely a strip of cement ready to ride. No payment, just rock up and practice on a course with majority of the P's test markings already painted on the ground. I think Stay Upright NSW also does supervised training on weekends. :)