Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ariston Washer/Dryer Fault

How to fix your Ariston Washer/Dryer 
Fault with Ariston's programme selector knob - it keeps clicking around and around.

I own an Ariston Washer/Dryer (AL128D) and have owned it for more than 3 years.  About a month ago it stopped working, it would fill with water, spin in wash cycle for a few minutes then the programme selector knob keeps turning and clicking around.  The wash cycle would never pass that stage.

My friend had the same washer and had the exact same fault with the programme selctor knob and it cost him quite a bit to have it fixed.

I searched around on the net for a solution on how to fix my Ariston and found many others who had the same problem but only one solution.  So I gave it a try (

Make sure the filter is clean, its behind the front bottom panel which just pull off, then unscrew the filter thumb wheel until it comes out. Check it is clean and replace, Now unplug the machine and set the programme to your normal start setting leaving the door open. Remove the screws retaining the back panel and unplug all the connectors to the circuit board found in the bottom left hand corner. Turn the power back on ensuring the red LED illuminates and leave for 2 or 3 minutes before unplugging the power again and reconnecting the circuit boards and replacing the back panel. Reconnect the power and turn the machine on, close the door and with luck it will work. If this does not clear the fault repeat the process again or look on ebay for a new machine! 

After following the instructions carefully my machine worked again and was fixed =)

A few things to note when following the instructions - the circuit board can be unscrewed and released from the frame of the machine. After I unplugged all the connectors to the circuit board (about 5 or 6 of them - it was kinda hard to pull them out) and turned the power back on, the LED did not illuminate - I left it on for 2-3 min anyway - I plugged all the connectors back and set it to wash and it worked!

I thought I’d post up my experience so that if others out there have the same problem, they could give this a try before calling a service man. I hope you have success with this info in fixing your Ariston washer/dryer.

And as usual, I’m not an authorized to service Ariston washing machines or any other washing machines so I cannot take responsibility if your machine does not work or your warranty is void.

Please leave a comment to let me know if you fixed your Ariston washer/dryer and how you managed to fix it.



  1. Hi,

    Thanks so much for this post. It has saved me $$$$. My wife was washing out clothes for about 1.5 weeks. But now that its working again, we are just so grateful.

    I don't have the exact same model as yours, but following your instructions sure did reset the machine and it now works.

    Thanks again.

  2. Thanks. This post has been most useful. I had the same problem with my Ariston Margherita 2000 AWD 12. I never knew it had a filter as the instructions for use do not mention one at all - even in the troubleshooting section. Having now located the filter, I found it was harbouring a lot of debris & strange objects even, inc. a miniature power plug, which I had to extract with tweezers! Cleaning the filter did the trick. The machine is now working as normal again. Please note that, when removing the filter, A LOT of water can come out. So it's a good idea to have plenty of sponges, old towels, etc. at hand. Many thanks again for the advice.

  3. Hi All,
    I'm glad that you found this post useful.

    Just let you all know, my washing machine failed on me again. I did the same thing again and its back up and running. I'm pretty sure now that an overload of clothes caused the problem.

    Yes Rita is right, a lot of water does come out when you open the filter, so give it half a turn with a good sponge under the filter to soak up the water. Once the sponge is soaked, close the filter again, squeeze the sponge and repeat until no more water comes out.

  4. Thanks for the thread. It was very helpful when I had a similar fault with my Ariston.
    * Wouldn't drain or spin. Dial would rotate continually.
    * Found collar stays in drain filter and a hair grip lodged fast against the impeller inside the drain shaft preventing it from rotating.
    * Fault was still there however.
    * Blew out the drain hose to remove a small clot. The fault still remained.
    * Discovered that the drain function won't operate if you leave the drain filter out (as I was watching for progress...)
    * Tested again and all good.
    * Noticed that in the fault state the LED would blink 8 or 9 times indicating a fault code. But I can't find anywhere on the web that describes these.

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  6. Attempted this with my machine but unfortunately had no effect. I perhaps had not disconnected the correct wires from the circuit board?!...

    .... but anyway, just as I was giving it up for scrap I tried the dryer function (on cotton cycle) out of curiosity. The machine did this with no problem (no dial spinning like before) so let let it run for a few minutes. I then turned the Dryer Time dial to 0, the dryer LED went out but the machine continued to run. I left it to run a little longer then turned the main dial to the end of the cycle. The machine stopped so I left it to completely switch off, i.e. door unlock and LED change to a slow flash.

    I then turned it to the No. 2 cotton cycle which is the one we use most often and hey presto, it works!!! :) I'm currently sat here wishing I'd chosen a slightly shorter cycle as I aren't leave it in case it goes funny again, but so far so good! :) just thought I'd post this in case it was useful to anyone else with a similar problem! :) xx

  7. Thank you so much for this post. sorted my washing machine out. almost exact same problems but i was convinced it was the pump that was broken. turns out it wasn't the filter (which i also didn't know was there) had so much s**t in it.

    thanks again and thanks for everyone elses coments as they all helped.

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  9. My Ariston ARWDF129 would turn on - would light up the control board on front, and would lock the door on a cycle, but do nothing else. I followed the instructions to set a cycle, open door, unplug from wall, unplug everything from the circuit board, plug back in to wall, then leave for 2-3 min, unplug from wall, plug everything back in to circuit board, and plug back into wall, and everything started working again. Thanks so much for your help!! I was wracking my brain hard on this one:)

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