Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pandanus amaryllifolius

aka Pandan, Screwpine, Daun Pandan

I love the smell of pandan and I think its great in foods.  I bought some fresh pandan’s from my local markets and tried to grow it but was unsuccessful so I decided to research on how it is grown.  This is what I’ve found

Pandan is a tropical plant often used in Southeast Asian cooking

You can grow pandan by propogating through water.  Let you pandan plant sit in water until roots grow and change the water regularly.

Pandan usually grows in tropical weather.  It takes plenty of care and attention.  If you are growing them in winter or in colder places, you need to cover them from wind and rain and don’t water them too much – they may start to suffer below 15 deg.  Some die not only because of the cold but because of receiving excess water.  You can shade the plant from wind and rain with a cloth and be sure not to get water on the crown of the plant.  Watering once a week is good with seasol clost to the base of the plant.

If you life in regions that experience cold months, its recommened that you grow your pandan plant in a pot so they are portable

Pandan does to like to be in full sun, so plant them were it will get some shade during the day.  In summer, you can water your plant much more. 

In the right conditions, when the plant is well established, it will grow well and spread.

For more info on pandan care and how to propagate pandan, visit www.mypandan.com

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  1. where can I buy this plant? Thanks in advance, Willy

  2. Hi willylambr,
    I just found a shop last weekend that sells it in Cabramatta, Sydney.
    see: http://cinnamonvision.blogspot.com/2011/01/pandan-in-sydney.html