Sunday, August 22, 2010

Tungsten Carbide Ring

Wedding ring, wedding band

So I recently got married and had to purchase a ring.  I had always wanted a platinum ring, but I knew I could never have afforded it so my friend (who also got married a few weeks before I did) recommended I take a look at Tungsten Carbide rings.

So this is what I’ve found out about Tungsten Carbide rings

Is it an extremely hard metal – which means it is difficult to scratch.  You will find on you tube many tungsten carbide tests where they severely scratch a tungsten carbide ring and hit it multiple times with a hammer, but it remains unscratched.  It is 8.5-9.5 on the mohs hardness scale which means its 4 times harder than titanium and 2 times harder than steel.

It is a darker metal – darker than platinum and titanium.  I’ve had my ring for almost two months now and have worn it every day and haven’t taken it off and it still looks absolutely brand new.  It hasn’t lost its shine and it will stay that way for quite number of years.

One other thing to note, you need to make sure that your tungsten carbide ring does not use a cobalt binder.  It may cause skin irritation and the oils on your skin can react to the cobalt and will permanently take away from the shine of you ring.  Other jewelers use nickel as a binder which is excellent and does not react with your skin oils.

The rings aren’t that expensive and quite affordable.  I got mine for approx US$50 from  I ordered it on a Saturday (Australian EST) and received it on the following Wednesday.

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